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B.A.D (Blessed, Anointed and Destined) strives to help women build wealth and business by recognizing the wealthy resources in their lives. Her mission is to empower others in finance, and in business, without them being afraid of their circumstances. As a business and lifestyle coach, Dana Williamson has proven systems that she offers through B.A.D. University. She teaches you how NOT to make the mistakes, she did, in building your business, and taking control of your life.

What people are saying

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Great info and trainings!

— Cyrena Mahogany Martin

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I was happy to be a participant in the Hear My Voice podcast training with Coach Dana. In the training we were provided with a live audio and video lesson formats which gave the class the in person feel that I need when learning something new. Also included is a workbook that gives the participants a place to take notes as well as do some critical thinking during and after the training.

All in all, Coach Dana gave me useful information and the encouragement I needed to forge ahead into the wide world of podcasting. I would recommend this course for teens and adults who are considering starting a podcast, live or pre-recorded.

— Google My Business Review

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A one stop to great information..uplifting much to ofter for those seeking a change for better.

— Ailsa Hardy

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