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Get your money right within your means.

Get Your Money Right

This program is not just for women in business but all women in all economic levels of society wanting financial stability!

  • Money woes trying to build a business
  • Trying to take care of home on one income
  • Trouble trying to increase your income bottom line with no starting point.

Examples of what you will receive in the society:

The examples listed are what is offered in each course in the B.A.D. Money Society.

  1. Coupon Classes Shows you how to be an organized coupon guru without being "extreme" $Requires the ability to add eight additional apps to your phone 
  2. Coming 2024 Government Assistance No More Food Stamps course is for everyone helping to create a food budget that makes sense. $Coupled with the coupon course you will always stay a step ahead. 
  3. Sinking Funds Create/Save funds for something specific
  4. Savings Challenges Quarterly challenges to increase your savings
  5. Budgeting for a purpose

Course Curriculum

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