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Digital Underground
.... forms that is!I've been working on the B.A.D. Money Society all year. While registration is always open, I've decided to create digital worksheets for your iPad/tablet, or you can print them out.These digital worksheets are designed with your bu...
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Full Access vs No Access
If you have been interested in the B.A.D. Queens of the Roundtable Membership, I've made some adjustments in the past month. The membership fee has gone up. The membership has two levels, one of which has a discount if you pay annually. The NO ACCESS...
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The Benefits are YOURS
Every time I think of something new, under the B.A.D. Brand, I think about the benefits it will have for my clients, or potential clients. This is what you will find in every product offered at B.A.D. University: benefits. These aren't just bene...
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