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B.A.D. Business Wealth Building

A little background story...

After being an entrepreneur for many years, I have applied my experiences to everything I teach.

When it comes to building wealth, I have looked at God's word continuing to apply it every day.

The Phoenix and the Lion (in the logo) represent strength and rebirth in all the things necessary to elevate to accelerate.

The Ability to Obtain Wealth

The Bible tells us we have the ability to obtain wealth in Deut. 8:18. The understanding of how to do that is in the epistle of James chapter 2. Faith without Works is Dead. You cannot have one without the other. You cannot know to obey God without the knowledge of what you can do.

Elevation to Acceleration starts with that mustard seed faith.

You have the ability you just don't know it.

Now is the time to use these resources to move.

  • The Business Bottom Line planner will help you plan your business for each quarter.
  • The B.A.D Money Planner will help you get your money together to help accelerate the plan.
  • The Queen's Project Planner helps you to put each project together for the plan.

Your investment in this bundle doesn't end here.

As the B.A.D. Brand continues to learn, adjust, and move according to God's plan, we will add worksheets to help you add to the PLAN HE GAVE YOU!

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B.A.D. Business Bottom Line


The Queens Project Planner