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B.A.D. Queen Reports I

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Being a B.A.D. Queen of the Round-Table has it perks, and its problems. One of the problems is making sure you're invited into the room and can adhere to what is required of you. In this part I of the B.A.D. Queen Reports book, you have a series of reports or worksheets to help you understand your royal as Faith-prenuer, Spiritual Royalty. 

* B.A.D Action plan is a worksheet you need to work on and apply. If you need help after please join the Ladies in Waiting group on Facebook:

The Deborah audio is thirty-minutes. 

These reports are being offered here at $9.95 but are included in the B.A.D. Queens Membership. 

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (414KB)
  • DOCX (190KB)
  • DOC (25KB)
  • MP3 (7MB)
  • DOCX (192KB)

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